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Marcom, Nannette, Juliette, and Daniel Majors of Del Rio, Texas

Six years ago, my wife and I made a life changing move from Boerne, to Del Rio, Texas. I cannot begin to express how fortunate we were to have been introduced to Lisa Cadena. Lisa is a superb real estate agent. Our experience with Lisa is quite a long story, so I’ll attempt to be as brief as possible.

Not knowing if we would remain in Del Rio for a long period of time, Lisa found a cute little condo for my wife and I, and our two daughters to live in. And along the way, Lisa would show us listings of homes for sale so that we might get a feel for the market. Lisa was extremely patient with us. It was obvious from the start that she wanted us to feel comfortable, and that client happiness came first, before any needs of her own. After getting to know us better, and getting the feel for our taste, Lisa quickly learned the type of property we would be interested in, eliminating the obvious, “I don’t think so” homes. Still, we looked at properties, looked at more properties, and seemed, I’m sure to Lisa, that we were the family that was just too picky. We ran poor Lisa ragged, yet she never quit on us, she never gave up on us. Through all the trials and tribulations of house hunting, her family and our family became the best of friends.

Then, in May of 2019, Lisa showed us the property we had waited five years for, yes, FIVE years! Lisa knew it when she saw it, and we knew it when we entered the property grounds, we had finally found the property we had been waiting patiently for. What a terrific story! Friends for life, and a home for life.

I could have never figured any one realtor would have stuck with us that long, but Lisa persevered.

We are now nine months into our new home, and we could not be happier with our collective choice.

Thank you, Lisa Cadena!